Clinical Testing

Experience counts! Especially if you’re considering developing a Laboratory Information System (LIS). For nearly a decade, we have been designing and delivering competitive LIS functionality to the world’s largest drug-testing laboratory.

Our proprietary solution manages nearly every aspect of the company’s operations including:

  • Electronic and Paper Test Requisition Creation and Management
  • Web-based Patient Test Order Management and reporting
  • Physician Supply Order Management and reporting
  • Test Order laboratory processing
  • Instrument device test order management and results collection
  • Test Results analysis
  • Clinical Scientist and Lab Director review and approval processing
  • Secure Patient Test Results delivery distribution
  • Clinical Support of Physician’s offices
  • Sales Commissions tracking and reporting
  • Insurance and Payor management
  • HL7 electronic order processing
  • R&D Analyte processing

Of course, the system complies with HIPAA’s data management and patient privacy regulations.

Our LIS processes 10’s of thousands of specimens daily and provides results back to the ordering physician with 24 hours of specimen receipt.

Since the initial delivery of the proprietary LIS, not a single hour of downtime has been suffered. This is a true testament of the design robustness and quality delivered by our engineering team.

We know the regulatory compliance of the Life Sciences industry as well as the intricate complexities involved with drug and analyte relationships.

If continuous uptime, regulatory knowledge and industry experience are important to your Laboratory Information Systems program and maintaining your competitive market advantage, then we need to talk.

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