Laboratory Information System

At A Glance

  • The company is one of the largest Clinical Urine Drug Testing (UDT) and medication monitoring laboratories in the United States.
  • They needed a new solution to replace their existing LIS which was very error-prone and operating beyond capacity.
  • It was important that this new system could scale flawlessly to handle their rapidly growing business.

The Primero Solution

  • Primero developed a browser-based Laboratory Information System which can process over 15,000 specimens daily.


  • Ability to process a significantly larger number of daily specimens compared to the system that it replaced.
  • Allows data entry that fits the customer need, whether by paper requisition, online ordering, or HL7.
  • Provides a single source for all requisition related data including intake, processing, reporting, billing and customer service.
  • Provides a platform on which to build for future needs, instead of being limited by the functionality in an off-the-shelf system.

The Challenge

When we first started with this partner, nearly 10 years ago, they were a rapidly growing drug testing laboratory processing hundreds of specimens each day. They were utilizing a heavily modified “off-the-shelf” laboratory information system that would regularly crash. The LIS had hit its maximum capacity and wasn’t able to grow with the business. As a quickly growing company, they needed a custom solution built for their specific needs that could help to drive business instead of hurting it.

The Solution

Primero developed a complete laboratory information system (LIS) for their urine and oral fluid drug testing operations that currently can support over 15,000 specimens daily with 100% uptime. From the moment a specimen enters the door through the entire lifecycle of the specimen and related customer reports, the replacement LIS that Primero built handles every touchpoint.

The system can accommodate new orders to fit the preference of any client. For those clients who choose to order by paper requisition, the system provides a robust order entry screen that allows for remarkably fast input and high throughput. For those who prefer to go paperless, the system exposes web-based functionality that allows users to place their orders using an intuitive online ordering system from whatever browser and device they prefer. This same online interface also allows the user to track work-in-progress as well as current and archived result reports. Lastly, clients in institutions with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems also can place orders through the robust HL7 interface to the LIS. 

Of course, that’s where the real value of the system just begins. Testing thousands of specimens per day with potentially dozens of test results each, creates a treasure trove of data. The LIS produces industry-leading reports and insights in real-time for maximum provider and patient benefit. The system can deliver those reports in a variety of ways. They may be delivered via an automated fax process, they’re made available through a secure online portal and can also be pushed out to EMRs via an HL7 interface (regardless of whether the order originated via HL7).

Lastly, the test details are pushed electronically, again via the HL7 protocol, to the billing company. This ensures that the cycle is complete from specimen intake, accessioning, testing, reporting and billing.

In addition to the drug testing LIS described above, Primero also built a system to handle genetic testing. Again, from intake to accessioning and reporting, the system was built to support the business demands of today while anticipating the business needs of the future.


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