Clinical Testing


Ten guesses! Do you know who designed and deployed a comprehensive laboratory information system (LIS) for the world’s largest drug testing laboratory?

OK, so you only needed one. Yep, it was us. Primero Systems.

You don’t get to develop that kind of system unless you have the necessary experience and capabilities.

We have also provided data reduction/statistical analysis systems for reagent stability and quality standards for one of the world’s largest medical device and reagent manufacturers too.

And, as you might guess, we have written instrument interface routines for hundreds of clinical instruments which automate the collection of assay results.

Why are we telling you all of this? Because we want you to know that if your need is to efficiently collect and analyze test results, ensure proper HIPAA compliance, interface with insurance or patient billing systems, or securely deliver patient test results, we have the right team for your job. No guessing involved.

We don’t just create effective and efficient quality software, we create long-lasting relationships as evidenced by our clients that have been with us for decades. In fact, we’ve been developing software solutions for the clinical laboratory space since 1996.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner that has the experience to deliver your project on time and on budget, we’ll give you one guess who to call!


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