Webtreepro Content Management System


Simple, Yet Powerful Web Content Management

Multi-location and franchise businesses face unique challenges when it comes to reaching customers through digital channels. Webtreepro brings together Primero Systems' decades of experience in custom software development and integration to deliver a web content management system built specifically to serve multi-location and franchise networks.


Your CMS, Your Way.

Whether you’re bringing new franchisees on board, expanding your business across a network of sites, adding locations to your retail chain or partnering with associations across the globe, Webtreepro web content management system (WCM/CMS) is multisite marketing management made simple.

Maximize brand presence across a network of websites
Provide relevant content to one site or thousands
Distribute corporate content while enabling local content control
Increase your brand footprint and brand consistency
"Franchisers have some unique requirements when it comes to website management and publishing. They must be able to control their brand while giving their many franchisees a fair degree of local autonomy, so they need strong multi-site capabilities. They also need a solution that's very easy to implement and use."
Melissa Webster
Program Vice President at IDC

Robust, Highly Flexible Platform

Maintain Brand Control. Anytime, Anywhere.

As a multi-location or franchise business, you’ve likely been challenged with managing multiple sites across various locations under one umbrella brand. Webtreepro has you covered with an easy-to-use, flexible platform that enables universal management of your brand while maintaining local relevance. Stop being bogged down managing your CMS. With Webtreepro you can focus on running your business and driving revenue—not managing your CMS.


Multi-Platform Compatibility

Webtreepro facilitates a seamless user experience on any site across any platform, ensuring prospects and customers can engage with your brand from anywhere, on any device.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Webtreepro is 100% cloud-based and requires no hardware investment or software maintenance that ties up staff and capital resources, which reduces operating costs.

One-to-Many Publishing

Publish content to one or 1,000 websites upon a single click with ‘One-to-Many’ publishing, designed for franchise websites, associations, or any business whose model includes multiple geographic or branded website locations.

Real-Time Results

With Webtreepro, you can have a professional, content-rich webpage launched in minutes, complete with product and sales information and, most importantly, real results that can be easily measured and analyzed.

See how Webtreepro CMS can grow your brand across your multi-location business or franchise.

Own Your Content with Webtreepro

Web Content Management (WCM) Made Simple

You know your customers—their needs, challenges and, most importantly, how to communicate with them. With Webtreepro, you can truly own your content to provide a customized experienced within the guidelines of your brand.


Content that Speaks to Your Customers

Webtreepro supports your ability to provide targeted, relevant content that resonates and speaks directly to your customers based upon a nearly unlimited set of criteria.

Search Engine Optimization

Preserve search ranking with single authoritative source publishing, and empower users to execute local and corporate SEO strategies and marketing programs from their own unique portal.

Responsive Design

Visitors can easily navigate your content—including videos, images and rich text—on any device, while maintaining the look and feel they’ve come to expect when doing business with you.

Brand Alignment

With Webtreepro, achieving brand identity across sites has never been easier. Seamlessly update copy, images, promotions—any element of your site—from anywhere, at any time. No programming experience necessary.

Streamlined CMS Solution

Webtreepro is unparalleled in its ability to provide robust permissions and rules that save time, empower better brand management, enable content creation, distribution, and review from the corporate level to local site management.

Effective Marketing

Designed for marketing departments and marketing agencies seeking to maximize brand presence throughout a network of websites, Webtreepro puts the focus where it should be: on your marketing goals, not managing technologies.

The Webtreepro Difference

Fully Integrated Support

Primero Systems engineered Webtreepro to be as intuitive and flexible as possible, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to use it alone. From implementation to design, to training and ongoing technical support, we’re right there with you every step of the way. We strive to be the kind of people we want to work with — sincere, practical, and helpful to a fault.


Integrated, Enterprise-Grade Software

Seamlessly integrate your existing enterprise software, ad serving networks, CRM, back- or front-office business systems and more with Webtreepro.

Custom Modules

An accessible, modular design enables ease of use for both franchises and their customers, and can be fully customized to the unique specifications of your brand.

Enterprise-Connected Solutions

We understand that you may want to incorporate unique functionalities into your web presence, and we applaud your dare-to-be-different ways. Webtreepro is designed with the flexibility to accommodate extensibility and integration.

Evolving with Our Customers

As technology changes, so do your expectations—and our benchmarks. Based on in-house expertise and customer feedback, Webtreepro continually evolves to meet the needs of our customers.

Take the Next Step to Frictionless Web Content Management

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