Localized Dynamic Marketing Content

Localize That Content!


Whether you’re a travel company with multiple agents or a franchise with many stores, localized dynamic marketing content is more than just a buzz word … it’s a necessity to building your business and setting yourself up for success with content that is timely and targeted.


It is possible to provide personalized consumer-to-agent (or store) engagement and enhanced user tracking – while eliminating costly web page development.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when incorporating localized dynamic marketing content into your business:


• Complement to existing marketing software – localized dynamic marketing content doesn’t need to compete with your current promotion management and CRM solutions.  Rather, it should complement these existing tools. 


• Landing page – make sure you have a landing page that is unique for individual agents or store locations.  It should include information such as address, hours of operation, phone number, directions, graphics, and so forth.


• Call-to-action – once you select the target audience for your promotion, it’s vital to include a call-to-action link embedded in the outgoing message with the landing page and unique customer ID.


• Evaluate the data – because the outbound marketing link contains a unique customer ID, you are able to automatically gather key analytics from the user.  But it’s not just enough to collect the data; it needs to be analyzed to create remarketing campaigns tailored for each customer.


We’ll have more on this topic in the weeks to come – stay tuned!



Primero Helps Bring Entrepreneurial Vision to Life - Customer Success Story

Primero Helps Bring Entrepreneurial Vision to Life – Customer Success Story

Today we’d like to share one of our recent customer success stories.


Headquartered in New York, Blue Ribbon Bags provides a service that tracks and expedites the return of bags lost by an airline. Travel agencies using the service are able to differentiate themselves by alleviating traveler anxiety about their luggage.


Making the vision behind Blue Ribbon Bags come to life required a custom software platform to be developed from scratch. Of critical importance was how the platform would integrate and communicate with chosen Global Distribution System networks, as these integrations are notoriously complex to develop and maintain.


From the initial identification of business requirements, to the execution of custom software development and implementation, to ongoing communications and delivery of the finished product, Primero exceeded expectations and served as a trusted partner every step of the way. Check out the case study for the full scoop.


Embracing Disruption and Harnessing Change to Build Lasting Relationships

Embracing Disruption and Harnessing Change to Build Lasting Relationships


With change being one of the only constants in this world, we often look to technology to get a handle on how to turn the disruption into an asset.


According to our CEO Gary Saner, the competitive advantage that Primero provides is through its culture of competence where the team comes in to craft a solution that allows companies to differentiate themselves and enhance their offerings to their customer base.


Primero has been on an upwards track – hiring new employees, taking on new clients and landing new opportunities for our mission-critical, enterprise-grade custom software solutions. As Gary says, it is all about making a significant impact on the bottom line for our customers.


Gary recently shared some stories from the front lines, including some of our recent successes in the travel industry. It’s a great read – check it out here.


Gary Saner, Primero Systems Owner & CEO


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