Meet Our Team

What Makes Primero Special?

It’s Team Members!!!

We are incredibly proud and honored by the dedication, competence and talent that our team members bring to our company. But rather than us tell the story, please read what our team has to say about Primero.
Gary Saner, CEO
I've worked at Primero Systems for about 4 years. This is the only job I've had where I can honestly say I don't mind "going in" to work in the mornings. The company's family-oriented environment and enthusiasm for what they do makes it a wonderful place to work!
Katie Onuchic, Senior Support Specialist
Although I’ve only been at Primero a short time, I’ve been moved by the kindness and respect that Primero demonstrates to its employees. This culture of integrity is embodied by the owner Gary Saner. It’s an honor to be a part of an organization that cares so much about its people.
Ryan Cooley, Business Systems Analyst
Working with Primero has been an eye-opener. You work hard, efficiently and have fun at the same time. Everyone is very open to new ideas, solutions and strategies. Each day is very dynamic and gives a positive working experience.
Nicolas Carlini, Network Administrator
What I like the most about Primero is that they trust people. Other companies are against work from home policies, plainly not allowing it or limiting the days telecommuting can be done. These companies seem to think that employees are potential thieves that will steal their time. Primero trusts employees, because it knows that Primero IS its employees. When you feel the trust of your bosses, not only do you work better, but you want to prove that you deserve the trust.

And working from home is really a major motivation to work for Primero. I am a father of three, with my eldest being born right at the time that I joined Primero. This allows me to always be there for my kids. I was there for the first steps, heard the first words, and yes, I had to clean many of the messes too. I am able to prepare breakfast for them and take them to kindergarten. It’s priceless. I believe I have a relationship with my children that is hard to have when you are out of the home, working a 9-to-5 job.
Alejandro Brozzo, Software Developer
I’m very happy to work at Primero Systems. It’s a work environment with highly qualified colleagues and always working as a team. Primero Systems is a company that always provides opportunities to improve. I have advanced as a professional and as a person. Working from home helps me to stay near my family. It allows me to be a qualified professional and be present as a father.
Hernan Rocca, Software Developer
To be part of Primero Systems gives me the privilege to work for outstanding clients and to be a part of a talented multi-disciplinary team. Primero knows how to treat their employees and is always at the ready to ensure I can be successful with my assignments. I am very lucky to be working for this company.
Fernando Gil, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer
I have been working for Primero for the past five years. These years have been fantastic. I’m working from home so my hours are very flexible. The whole Primero Systems team is friendly and very talented. I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego and personally met many of the US based team, as well as the client associated with my project assignment. They were all friendly and helped me during my stay.
Marcelo Ronchese, System Engineer
Primero is such a great place to work because I like to work from home. I really feel that Primero is like my family. I like the relationship with the team. I have time flexibility. I will soon be a father, and I am able to be the best partner I can be throughout the pregnancy due in large part to working from home. And lastly, it is great to be part of a growing company.
Fabian Casarella, System Engineer
In the next couple months, I’ll be approaching 11 years here at Primero Systems. I couldn’t have ever imagined that I would enjoy my job here so much, surrounded by a very talented team, and with a respectful and warm environment. Having the chance to work remotely also gives me the opportunity to see my kids growing without missing anything, which considering the average job in such a rushed IT industry, it’s just priceless.
Mariano Birnios, Director of Software Development
Primero is a rare company where the use of the word "family" isn't just lip service. You get all the challenge you need to be engaged, but you also get all the support you need to achieve your goals. You'll get out if as much as you put into it!
Ari Adelberg, Senior Business Analyst
Primero Systems gave me the opportunity to be the leader of one of the biggest projects of the company, trusting in my skills from day 1 and always providing me with all the support I needed. Professionally I've learned a lot and will keep learning in the years to come, for sure. And at the same time, I can always spend time with my 2 children, something that in our industry is a luxury. It's not just another place to work, we truly build a "family" here. And on the technical side, I can definitely assure we have a dream team!
Claudio Pappalardo, Director of Operations
Primero Systems is not only fun, rewarding and gratifying, it is also an opportunity to learn, grow and find a whole new outlook on life.
Gladys Sanciangco, Senior Database Engineer
I really appreciate the excellent working environment and to work for a company that is always growing. I think Primero Systems in is a great opportunity to progress professionally.
Walter Hene, Software Developer