Gary Saner, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Primero SystemsGary Saner


Gary founded Primero Systems on the principle that capturing the critical business nuances of each client is key when it comes to designing systems that integrate technology, user-friendliness, and business proficiency. He has been leading "from scratch" software development since 1982, and has presented at numerous business conferences addressing software development, project management and business issues. Gary has also been a featured speaker at various conventions and forums, including Litton's Corporate Software Management Technology Conference. He is a member of the Software Industry Council in San Diego and is also on the Board of Directors of the Science of Laws Institute. Gary is a Certified Scrum Master and advocate of Agile Software development methodologies.


Steve Press, President, Senior Staff and Software Developer for Primero SystemsSteve Press


For almost two decades, Steve has been responsible for Primero’s software development success, delivering operationally-vital business systems and content management solutions. His responsibilities encompass system design, development and resiliency of extensible, mission-critical customer applications. Steve's extraordinary technical leadership is manifest in system implementations that are robust and capable of high performance under heavy load. As the principal designer of the company’s commercial web CMS platform, Webtreepro, Steve has incorporated his extensive knowledge of digital marketing into the core architecture of this highly flexible platform.  Steve embraces the Primero mindset of being problem solvers who are inspired to do more by the visions of customers. He is a member of the Software Industry Council in San Diego and the Microsoft Developer Network.


German Porta, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Primero Systems ArgentinaGerman Porta

Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Argentina

As Primero’s system architect, leading SQL and Oracle database designer and systems engineer, German has spent the past 18 years overseeing software development for Primero and directing a team of 50 engineers. German is responsible for successfully initiating, growing and managing offshore custom software development for Primero, while serving as general manager for Primero systems operations in South America. German is focused on channeling the infinite power of software to turn visions into reality for Primero’s customers, and delivering top-tier, cost-effective products and services.


Melissa Saner, Senior Staff, Chief Operating Officer and Human Resources for Primero SystemsMelissa Saner

Chief Operating Officer

Melissa is in charge of company operations at Primero, including customer support, account management, human resources, and accounting. When Melissa joined the Primero family in 2004, the company had just five employees. Under her guidance, the company has grown to more than 60 employees on two continents. Previously, Melissa served as a customer support manager and special project manager, and worked closely with the Regulatory Affairs Group for a medical device manufacturer. Melissa is active with the San Diego Better Business Bureau.