Gary Saner, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Primero SystemsGary Saner

CEO, Primero Systems


Gary founded Primero Systems in 1994 with the belief that software’s limitless capabilities can be used to help businesses realize their goals – and that every company’s potential can be improved through the power of software. Under his leadership, Primero has become a trusted software development company with a loyal and varied customer base – from national retail chains to Fortune 1000 companies. Gary has been managing and developing complex systems for more than 30 years; he regularly draws upon that experience to guide Primero forward and ensure the successful completion of mission-critical software projects. As CEO, Gary shapes Primero’s unique culture and drives home the customer-centric mantra of only when a client succeeds does Primero succeed. Integrity, relationships, competence, dedication and quality are all principles that drive Gary and influence Primero’s way of doing business.


Prior to founding Primero, Gary spent 11 years with the U.S. Navy’s submarine force, which was instrumental in shaping his leadership vision. It was there that he saw first-hand the value of teamwork, camaraderie, mutual respect and accountability – attributes Gary carries with him to this day. After his service in the Navy, Gary further honed his craft at Litton Industries (now part of Northrop Grumman), where he successfully developed and implemented numerous complex software solutions for multi-billion dollar companies. Gary is a Certified Scrum Master and a strong advocate of Agile Software development methodologies.



Steve Press, President, Primero SystemsSteve Press

President, Primero Systems


For nearly two decades, Steve has been an integral member of the Primero team, contributing to the company’s software development success. As president, Steve leads by example and embraces the Primero mindset of being problem solvers who are inspired by the vision of its customers. He is a product visionary, overseeing the development of content management solutions and operationally-vital business systems, including extensible mission-critical customer applications. With a continuous eye toward the future, Steve keeps a pulse on the latest trends in design methodologies, coding standards and digital marketing technology to ensure that Primero’s solutions remain on the cutting edge.


Steve is the principal designer of Primero’s powerful web CMS platform, Webtreepro, which has been successfully deployed and used by thousands. He also brings forward a number of specialties, including enterprise level application design, human factors engineering and business process modeling. Steve has been the chief architect of numerous systems in a variety of industries and is a Certified Scrum Master.



German Porta, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Primero Systems ArgentinaGerman Porta

CTO, Primero Systems


As a 20 year veteran of Primero, German plays an integral role in developing and overseeing Primero’s technology direction, which includes managing a team of more than 50 engineers across two continents. In addition to initiating, growing and managing custom software development – both onshore and offshore – one of German’s most important tasks as CTO is to stay current with and embrace newer technologies and determine when and where to incorporate those technologies into Primero’s software applications. German takes great pride in making sure that Primero’s custom software solutions are technically sound, well designed and can deliver on their promise – all while staying on time and on budget.


German also acts as general manager for systems operations in South America. Responsibilities include hiring the best and brightest engineers, managing the team, overseeing critical projects, and ensuring that customer expectations are met.



Melissa Saner, Chief Operating Officer for Primero SystemsMelissa Saner

Chief Operating Officer, Primero Systems


In her role as Primero COO, Melissa oversees company operations, including customer support, human resources and accounting. During her tenure at Primero, the company has grown to more than 70 employees on two continents. One of Melissa’s primary tasks is to manage this growth and implement policies, procedures and processes to ensure business operations run smoothly. Melissa also serves as chief morale officer, fostering a positive atmosphere in which employees are treated like family. This atmosphere encourages employees to strive to be the best they can be and to go above and beyond – which benefits the company and its customers.


Melissa draws from her prior work experience in the medical field, where accuracy as well as the ability to multi-task are essential attributes. In addition, her customer support background has enabled Melissa to develop a keen understanding of how to effectively work with people and solve various challenges. Melissa is active with the San Diego Better Business Bureau.



Diane Beattie, Director of Web Implementations for Primero SystemsDiane Beattie

Director, Web Implementations


As director of web products, Diane is the thread that holds everything together on the web CMS side of Primero’s business. She is involved with every phase of the customer process – from the pre-sales cycle through implementation, maintenance and beyond. Diane’s consistent presence helps ensure a level of continuity so customers feel like they have a true partner in Primero. Once Diane has a thorough understanding of a customer’s needs and goals, she works closely with that customer to develop the best possible web CMS solution – then stays in close contact to make sure everything runs smoothly and future needs are met.


Prior to joining Primero, Diane worked for noted companies such as Motorola and HP. She also possesses a great deal of experience in the travel industry, having worked as a systems engineer for Galileo International – a computer reservation system company. During her time at Galileo, Diane was involved with United Airlines’ first prototype online airline booking tool. This travel experience has served Diane well in her role at Primero, enabling her to have a keen understanding of the unique needs of travel companies. Diane is a certified agile scrum master and a certified agile product manager.